A little love for your home

Read through our tips and tricks and browse our photo galleries for ideas and inspiration on how to add a little love to your home with Lipper International products.

Healthy and Fun Lunchbox Ideas


Let face it: children are incredibly opinionated about everything from their favorite toys to which socks they will be wearing today. So packing a healthy lunch can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know where to start or if you have picky eaters. A healthy lunch is essential, so we put together some useful tips on how to make a fun lunch that keeps your kids fueled all day the nutritious way.

Bento boxes are the latest craze, the individual compartments allow for easier meal prep and help remind us of correct portion sizes. But what are some healthy bento box ideas your kids will love? The key is appealing to the senses using a variety of combinations of colors, shapes, and textures.

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Creating a Work Space for Your Child


As the summer days diminish quickly, it is time to think about back-to-school. This year, give your student the perfect place to become a budding artist, a passionate reader, and an active learner! Creating a customized work area that caters to their size will give them a feeling of control and help them learn independence.

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Cooking with Mom for Father's Day


What better way to show how much you appreciate Dad than showing off your child's cooking skills? Surprise him with something to add to his backyard barbecue and allow your child to help with dinner without standing near a dangerous grill. Making the time to cook with your kids can create memories that last long after the meal is done.

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Mastering Your Drawer Organization


Too much drawer clutter? What better way to solve that problem than a little spring cleaning? From your kitchen to your garage, a clean home makes for a happy you. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, you can organize your utensils in your kitchen, your tools in your garage, and your studying materials in your office. 

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