Bamboo Tool Holder with 4 Tools

Bamboo Tool Holder with 4 Tools

Item# 8828


This Bamboo Tool Holder is the perfect way to keep your utensils tidy. The utensil holder is made from high quality bamboo, which provides durability and an elegant sense of style to your kitchen. Place it on your countertop or on your island workspace for quick access to all your utensils from ladles to spatulas and en spoons. This item also includes four beautiful tools that are a must for any well-equipped kitchen. These items are constructed of Bamboo due to its popularity around the world for versatility, function, beauty, and sustainability. These durable bamboo tools will add a beautiful dimension to your serving as well as offer years of use. This is the perfect modern day clutter solution to your crowded countertops and drawers!

  • This bamboo tool holder comes with 4 sturdy and essential tools.
  • Keeps your gadgets within reach while working in the kitchen.
  • Made of environmentally friendly bamboo.
  • Measurements vary (see Dimensions & Specifications for details).
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What's Included

1 bamboo tool holder and 4 bamboo utensils.

Dimensions & Specifications
Holder Dimensions: 3 ¼" x 3 ¼" x 8 ¾"
Tool Dimensions: 12"
Material: Bamboo
UPC: 026914-882808
Carton Pack: 6
Carton Weight: 6.90 lbs

Hand wash with a mild soap and cool water. Do not soak. Do not put in the dishwasher, microwave or refrigerator. Extreme changes in temperature will cause the material to crack over time.  Dry thoroughly. Occasional use of mineral oil on the inside will help maintain its appearance.

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