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Washing the Dishes: Your Next 5 Star Experience

, by SaraMarie B


What if washing the dishes could be a pleasant sensory experience to look forward to? There are plenty of ideas out there on how to be better at washing dishes: how to be more water efficient, more organized, or faster. What our research didn’t turn up was tips on how to make this everyday chore more enjoyable. What if the pile of dirty dishes in the sink wasn’t stressful anymore, but a chance for some “me time” instead? Use this guide to set yourself up for less stress, less mess, and more kitchen success. 

Let’s begin with how we’re thinking about doing the dishes. If you assume it will be boring and full of dealing with gross food bits left in the sink it won’t be enjoyable. Instead, start with the idea that washing the dishes can be a beautiful experience and a way to pamper yourself. Seriously, just give it a try. Plus, you can think of it as being good for you and for the planet at the same time - these are tips for being more water conscious while dish washing!

A Beautiful Sight

We want to think through making this wonderful from head to toe. Let’s start with the visuals. What are your favorite colors? I’m instantly happier when I see my favorite shade of mustard gold, for example. Find the colors that lift your mood and hunt for everything in that palette for your sink. We all know you can find almost anything online, but there are also usually lots of good options in your local gift shops and boutiques. Imagine everything from your sponge to the drying mat under your favorite dish rack being in a color that you love. That’s going to be a beautiful sight.


Scented Sensibilities

Scents are linked to emotional memories in humans because of the way our brains are wired. Take advantage of happy associations already in your head and be really intentional about what kind of dish soap you pick. Do you love lavender, or is the invigorating tang of lemon inspiring for you? Extra points if your favorite scented dish detergent comes in the same shade as your favorite color sponge! Anything that makes washing dishes better is worth the investment. It seems like a minor detail, but small things with strong sensory ties can make a big difference in your routine.


Feeling the Love

A big barrier to wanting to wash dishes at all is how dry it can make your hands. There are so many ways around this! Keep your hands feeling hydrated with a moisturizing dish detergent or fancy lotion that you only use in the kitchen after all the dishes are done. If you’re sensitive to temperature or already have very dry hands because of the weather where you live, rubber gloves might be the choice for you.

When I use rubber gloves I appreciate being able to take them off quickly and still having dry hands. This can be a game changer if you have something in the oven while you’re washing and suddenly need to check on it - it’s so not okay to put wet hands in oven mitts.

Besides lotions and dish gloves, there are also many fun kinds of sponges to try. As long as your pots and pans are compatible with the materials, you can experiment all you like. Craft fairs and Etsy are a great source for handmade dish cloths, mesh scrubbies and more. As a bonus, many of them use fun color combinations that can coordinate with your other favorite-color accessories!

Happy Feet

Especially if there are many dishes in your sink, you’ll want to have a nice anti-fatigue mat to stand on. Mats like this can help your back too by improving your posture. Another way to help make your dish washing set-up more ergonomic is to organize your countertops and cabinets in a way that minimizes strain.

For example, towering stacks of plates get very heavy. Instead of putting all of that strain on your wrists when trying to extract the plate you need, separate your dishes smarter with our Bamboo Three-Tier Corner Shelf. This shelf is extremely useful on tall pantry shelves. When each of your dishes has a convenient home it is so much easier to stay organized.


Movin’ & Groovin’

Now that your feet are happy you can put them to good use! Rejoice, because we live in the age of unlimited groovy music access. I change what I listen to while washing dishes based on time of day. If I’m having a very productive morning and already washing dishes before the rest of the household is awake I listen to jazz or Chopin. Anything uplifting that I can’t sing along to and wake everyone up with! Choosing fun music can also be a huge help in getting younger family members to pitch in with the dish washing process.


Living the Dish Dream

Doesn’t a dish washing session sound fun now? Even though these steps are easy, they can add up to a delightful experience. You can add so much more fun to your life when you enjoy yourself in everyday chores!

Are there any ideas we missed? How do you like to make chores more fun? Remember, it always helps to have the right tools for the job. You can pick up one of our dish racks from your favorite online retail by clicking “Buy Online” here.