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School's Right Around the Corner... Is Your Child's Study Space Ready?

The school year is approaching faster than to realize, and it’s time to get ahead with organizing your child’s study space. This year, inspire your children to adopt healthy organization habits by designing an orderly learning environment. By getting your kids organized today, you and your children will be organized and less stressed amid the crazy school year.

Let’s Focus

Procrastination is an aspect of human nature that all age groups experience, even your children. For an adult, procrastination may be putting off doing the laundry and taxes until you have no clothes left in your closet and your taxes are almost overdue. For your child, the simple distraction of a toy may convince them to put off doing their homework. This is human nature, but there are ways to help prevent procrastination.

The best ways to encourage your child to do their homework is to keep your child’s study space organized and eliminate the distractions.

  • Out of sight, out of mind: Eliminate the distractions in your child’s workspace by storing their toys in a toy chest. The simple design makes it easy for your child to learn how to clean up after playtime.
  • Stay organized: Organize your child’s books and learning materials with a book caddy or folding bookcase. Both options make your child’s learning materials easily and safely accessible.
  • Good habits: By providing your child with the materials to stay organized and focused, you teach your child healthy organizational habits that they are likely to use in the future.

Finally, your child may be inspired to get started on that summer reading assignment that is usually saved until the day before school starts.

Saving Space

But what if you don’t have the space to provide an organized workplace for your child? You can save space with some of our newly designed workspace options, including a kids table with nested chairs, or a wall mounted desk. A table with nested chairs reduces the amount of unused space with chairs that fit seamlessly under the table and provide storage to keep the floorspace around the table cleaner. Wall-mounted desks and shelves also optimize space by creating more unoccupied floorspace that gives your room an open concept feel.

Safety First!

Safety is an important factor to consider when purchasing furniture that your child will regularly use. Lucky for you, we’ve already taken that into consideration.

  • Wall mounted products already have a layer of child protection as there is no need to anchor your furniture: it’s already part of the design. A small child is unable to reach a higher wall-mounted shelf, so you can safely store more fragile items or decorations.
  • The toy chest also comes with additional layers of safety: it is constructed with sturdy beechwood and has a slow-close safety hinge to protect little hands and fingers. Additionally, it has two holes located in the back panel to allow air into the toy chest should a child climb inside.
  • The bookcase features a wall bracket to safely anchor it in case a small child decides to climb on your furniture.

Taking the initiative to design an organized, healthy study space with safety features and few distractions will make your life smoother at home and will provide a stress-free environment for your child to do their homework effectively and efficiently.