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Innovative Ways to Get Organized with Salt Boxes

Salt boxes make storing your gourmet salts so much simpler with swivel covers for easy access and easy refills. They come in all different materials and styles to ensure that every culinary artist’s salt storage needs are met.

However, salt boxes can be used for more than just salt. Salt boxes are constructed with durable materials – such as bamboo, olivewood, and acacia that best match your aesthetic – with a variety of styles including 1 section, 2 sections, with a spoon, or without a spoon. Let’s look at a few ways you can explore the beneficial features of the salt box collection.

Salts, Spices, and Seasonings

Why does salt get all the attention? Salt boxes also make the perfect aesthetic storage containers for other gourmet spices in your kitchen. The swivel top allows for easy access and refills, and every month you can switch out your favorite daily spices and herbs. Use an Acacia Salt Box with Swivel Cover for the spice-of-the-month or try out the Bamboo Divided Spice Box with Swivel Cover to store your favorite spice duo.

Sundae Sunday

Make it fun by setting up your own sundae bar at home. Invite your friends on a hot summer’s day with your favorite ice cream flavors and a display of the most iconic ice cream toppings. Salt boxes make it easy to keep your messy toppings organized with the Acacia Divided Salt Box with Swivel Cover, or try out the Bamboo Salt Box with a spoon the perfect size for scooping sprinkles.

Organize Your Office Space

Salt boxes can even be used outside the kitchen! Give your office space a new look with the elegant Olive Wood Salt Box with Swivel Cover to organize smaller office space items such as paper clips and rubber bands. You can also use salt boxes to store other small items around your house. Olive wood is a durable, and sustainable material (see Tips to Spruce Up Your Party… With Olive Wood!) which makes it a perfect add-on to your eco-friendly household. Salt boxes come in other durable and environmentally friendly materials as well, so you easily match your aesthetic while being environmentally conscious.