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DIY Wedding Décor Ideas

Choosing your wedding décor can be an intimidating process— especially if you’re worried about said décor standing the test of the time. While Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for inspiration, it can also cause influence trends so much so that the same ideas pop up in reception after reception. 

There’s plenty of creative ways to add romantic elements to your wedding décor, whether it’s fragrant flowers in glasses and mason jars, ambient lighting like candle lights, and drapery. The best decorations often tell your guests who you are without telling them who you are. Take a peek at the following ideas and start planning the romantic, rustic wedding of your dreams! 


Bring Nature to the Forefront of Your Wedding With Acacia Bark Serving Slabs

On top of planning your catering, venue, and guest list, the last detail you have to worry about is how you plan to pull your wedding together with décor that fits your theme. Bring nature to the forefront of your wedding with more than just flowers; incorporate breathtaking acacia wood serving slabs throughout your wedding. Adding a piece of acacia wood under décor is an easy way to give your table the finishing touch you crave. Celebrate nature’s beauty by showing off the stunning accents of the acacia wood, its unique patterns give an organic, romantic touch to your table top. 


Add a Pop of Color to Your Table with Acacia Bark Rustic Tulip Serving Bowls

If you’re not into oversized flower bouquets, consider making your wedding memorable by adding a pop of color to your table tops with astounding rustic tulip bowls. Minimize the costly flower bouquets by incorporating smaller, rustic tulip bowls that allows guests to enjoy lively color among the white table tops in your venue. Show off fresh-cut spring flowers in acacia bark to give your wedding a classy, yet captivating charm. 


Complement Your Table With An Acacia Lazy Susan

You’ve got the menu all figured out, but how are you going to garnish the tables? A strong centerpiece helps to unite your tables and bring your guests together. Choosing a Lazy Susan as your centerpiece gives your guests a focal point that they won’t forget. Complement your table and bring a sense of originality with ravishing acacia wood.

Large, floral centerpieces are expensive and falling out of trend; guests prefer to see your unique personality through your decorations. Make your big day special by customizing your lazy Susan centerpiece with large pillar candles, tealights, and other elements. Leave something notable for your guests on your lazy Susan, guests will enjoy interacting with the centerpiece throughout the night. 


Turn it up a Notch With Fun Decorative Boat Shaped Bowls

Give your setting refreshing décor by turning it up a notch with fun decorative boat shaped bowls scattered around your venue. Complement any theme by adding different accents to your acacia bowls. Don’t be afraid to get creative; add decorative balls, petals, vines, candles, and other accents to your bowls to fit your theme. Get vibrant with bright colorful flowers, or play it neutral with nature tones that brings the beauty of the outdoors inside. There are so many ways to incorporate boat shaped bowls into your wedding venue to give it the finishing touch you desire.