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Creative Ideas to Elevate Your Appetizer Game

Looking for some inspiration for your next gathering? Tired of bringing the vegetable platter to every party? Try out some of these new appetizing platters by using these versatile acacia wood serving boards. Elegant and durable, acacia wood serving platters are the perfect addition to any casual or formal presentation.

Spice It Up with Summer BBQ!

Are you bored of charcuterie boards? (Pun intentional) Well let’s give your charcuterie board a new look with a spicy summer barbeque. Grill up some steak, shrimp, and barbeque chicken and serve it with some cheeses, crackers, and roasted vegetables on an Acacia Round Serve Board with Black Handles. The serve board’s unique and attractive aesthetic will appeal to your guests, and its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, including creating dessert displays, serving bite-sized hors d’oeuvres, and much more! Its natural beauty and rustic elegance complete the look for the centerpiece on your dining table or kitchen island.

Sub Sandwich Soirée

Serve up your favorite submarine sandwich options on an Acacia Rectangular Serve Board with Black Handles. Between Italian chicken sandwiches and your famous Philly Cheese Steaks, the rectangular serve board has the perfect dimensions to serve a variety of footlong subs. Even better: acacia wood is very durable, so your serve board can double as a cutting board, which makes it super easy to cut up and share your delectable sandwiches. If you’re feeling fancy, there is plenty of room left to decorate your platter with delicious sides, including fresh cut fruit.

Taco Tuesday

Did someone say tacos? Invite your friends over this Tuesday for a make-your-own taco bar! Serve up some of your freshest taco ingredients with three of your favorite sauces on an Acacia 3 Dip Serve Board. The three separate dip compartments are carved into the board, allowing you to serve multiple dips at the same time.

If you and your friends are looking for different Mexican option for Sunday football night, the Acacia 3 Dip Serve Board is the perfect platter for a salsa bar. Lay out your crispiest tortilla chips with your spiciest salsa, favorite queso, and homemade bean dip for a game-changing experience.