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Posted on by Anne Le Gurun

Off the Cob - Off the Floor


The holidays are approaching and you need new ideas for appetizers? How about a delicious and warm corn chowder?

Here's what you may be thinking: Corn chowder is a great idea, but cutting corn off the cob can make such a mess! Not if you are using the Bamboo Edge Guard Cutting Board with 4 Magnetic Acrylic Sides from Lipper!


Contain and reduce cleanup:

The edges of the cutting board have a steel strip inlaid along the entire perimeter and the plastic sides have strong magnets embedded along one edge where the magnetic bond is strong enough to contain food, yet can be removed with minimal effort. The edge guard will contain flying kernels while you're chopping the corn, which will reduce and facilitate cleanup! By confining ingredients to the cutting board, the edge guard also acts as a barrier to food, which minimizes food waste.

Scoop and transfer:

The acrylic sides can also be used as a scraper to easily scoop and transfer ingredients such as kernels from the bamboo board to your food processor, cookware or serveware.

The Bamboo Edge Guard Cutting Board with 4 Magnetic Acrylic Sides is a must-have cooking accessory for any cook or chef that needs to make the most of his or her cooking space!



Corn chowder is a delectable dish that can be enjoyed all year long! This soup can be enjoyed in the summer, when the corn is fresh off the cob tasting so sweet, crispy and juicy, and the veggies are fresh from the garden! If you want that same fresh taste in the winter, there are various ways to preserve fresh corn for use in the winter as well. 

For appetizing corn chowder, try this winter corn chowder recipe, or this summer corn chowder recipe.