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Valentine’s Day ~ A Full Day of Celebration

V-Day 2

Did you know chocolate purchases for Valentine's Day are expected to top $18.2 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation? That's an average of $136.57 per person! Instead of heading out to buy the classic chocolates, flowers and cards, surprise your loved one with a FULL DAY CELEBRATION from morning to evening!

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How To Create a Buffet Your Guests Will Love


For those of you who often spend the holidays at formal, sit-down dinners with arranged seating alongside distant relatives who enjoy recapping their life-stories for the billionth time, you may find yourself counting down the seconds until the dinner is served. If you’re looking for a fun, different way to throw a party, consider a buffet! Not only will your guests be delighted by the wide variety of delicious options, they'll be happy to move about freely and mingle while admiring the creative flair displayed in your amazing and enticing buffet spread.

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How to Host a Wine and Cheese Party

Wine and Cheese Party_1 Acacia Tree Bark Footed Servers Teak End Grain Chopping Block Acacia Slab Server with Bark Acacia Square Pinch Bowls Bamboo Salad Bowls Acacia End Grain Coaster Set Acacia Tree Bark Slab Cheese Slicer

Wine and cheese go together like milk and cookies, brunch and mimosas and Thanksgiving and turkey... it's as if they were made for one another! Hosting a wine-and-cheese tasting party is a great excuse to gather family and friends while making your mouths merry! Here, we uncork some helpful steps and the must-have products to get your evening started.

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Creating a Fall Centerpiece


Do you have household items too pretty to store out of sight? Put them on display! Here's our four-step guide and tips for setting up your fall centerpiece for the holidays.

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