Frequently Asked Questions

Is there formaldehyde in the bamboo items?

The bamboo items contain a minimal amount of formaldehyde in order to make the glue stick. All items have been tested and comply with federal guidelines.

Are the bamboo and silicone utensils heat-resistant?

The silicone on our utensils are heat-resistant to 500° F. The silicone heads are removable for easy cleaning, dishwasher safe, and safe for all surfaces.

When assembling the children's furniture, why do some of the screws seem too large for the holes and are difficult to install?

The screw holes need to be narrower than the screw in order for the screw to grab the wood and hold. If you roll the screws over a wet bar of soap before assembling, it will be easier to install them – particularly for the screws attaching the legs to the tabletop. Do not use liquid soap.

Are the children's furniture items made from solid wood?

The high chairs, rocking chairs, and chairs included with the table/chair sets are all made of solid wood. Tables and desk sets are a mix of solid wood and MDF.

Are the stains on the children's furniture safe?

All stains and finishes are tested on a regular basis and comply with all government safety levels.

What are the age limits for your children's furniture?

All children's furniture is suitable for ages 2 to 9 years old.